The Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse 2017

Either you are a laptop user or a desktop user you often find yourself in the need of controlling your computer over some distance, from the other side of the room for instance. Let’s assume that you wish to connect your computer to your projector and sit on your comfortable couch using your projector as your computer screen. In most cases this is almost impossible as most keyboards and mice come with short cables and even if you find a model with long enough cable, imagine the struggle of having to deal with all the wiring.

Some people just don’t like the idea of wired keyboards and mice as their wires take up too much space on the office, so they go for the wireless one’s as well. So we end up with the simple conclusion that the number one reason that someone would prefer a wireless combination over the wired one is the ability to be more flexible in terms of positioning his self in the room.

When looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse to buy you always have to consider the wireless range as your first criterion. Nobody wants to buy a model which it’s wireless range will be less than 15-feet. Afterwards you need to buy something with a really long battery life, so you won’t have to change the batteries every little while, but only a few times a month instead. Referring to the keyboard now, it’s good that you go for something that has programmable hot keys (those will make your life a lot easier). When it comes to the mouse you should go with one which uses laser technology for accurate tracking on almost any surface.

There are some more features that you could consider when buying a wireless keyboard or mouse, but we will leave them behind for now as they are not that important at the time. Further up we would like to present you the best models (in terms of money vs. value) which made it up to our list.


#1. Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution

We’re starting off with something that is relatively expensive, but it’s exactly what many people need. Logitech Cordless MX5500 is an incredible beast in terms of performance. Featuring an LCD screen which can display the date or the time, temperature, notifications, music access or even calculator functions. In addition it has hot keys which when programmed correctly can take you to your most-visited places with just a press. logitech, wireless, keyboard, mx5500It’s battery life is impressing as well, as both keyboard and mouse can function for up to six months without running out of batteries.  The mouse which comes with MX5500 is equally good to the keyboard. Precision and accuracy is what describes it. The user can use the keyboard and mouse for very extended periods of time without getting his fingers or wrists tired thanks to the ergonomic design the model has.

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#2. Logitech MK270 Combo

This is simply the best choice for the money. Logitech MK270 comes at a very reasonable and affordable price and delivers everything a wireless combination is supposed to deliver. Long range connection allows the user to use the combo up to 30-feet away from his computer. In addition it’s battery life is truly impressing as this model can worklogitech, mk270, wireless, keyboard, mouse for months without changing batteries thanks to it’s on/off switches which conserve battery. Moreover Logitech MK270 offers 8 different shortcut keys so you can easily access media controls (movies, music, internet, e-mail, play/pause) with just a touch. Comes at a basic design being very durable and practical. The keyboard is full-size meaning that it comes with num-pad, directional keys, and nine F-keys.

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#3. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000

If you got a little more money to spend and you want to get the best possible combination then this is definitely the one for you. You can work for hours and hours without getting any wrist or hand pain thanks to it’s ergonomic and super comfortable design. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 7000’s mouse it’s super precised thanks to it’s laser trackingmicrosoft, ergonomical, keyboard, natural, 7000, wireless technology. Moreover the tilt of the keyboard is adjustable to meet your specific preferences. Powered by two AA alkaline batteries that shoud last for about six months. Both devices are equipped with a battery life indicator which will let the user know when the batteries are low. This is a little expensive model, but it’s definitely worth it especially if you do a lot of typing work on your computer as it makes the whole process easier and more fun.

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#4. HP Wireless Elite Desktop v2

Back to the cheaper options. This is a great model if you want to use it with a laptop as it’s super-slim and ultra-lightweight. The user can easily take HP Wireless Elite anywhere he wishes since it’s slim and can literally fit almost anywhere. Mouse will fit perfectly both to left and right hands equipped with a 1,000 dpi opticahp, wireless, keyboard, best, mousel sensor will provide precision even when used on the weirdest surfaces. Keyboard design is very attractive coming in black color giving a sleek look. In addition key pressing is super-quiet giving a pleasant feeling to the user when presses them. Setting up a keyboard have never been that easy, you just plug the USB receiver in and you are ready to go. As simple as that.

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#5. Inland Pro Wireless

If you need to just buy a model to carry out the required task without delivering any extra or special features then this is the right one for you. It’s ultra cheap so everyone can afford it. Engineered to last for a long time coming in a beautiful sleek inland, pro, wireless, keyboard, best, mousedesign. It’s 1000dpi mouse relies on optical tracking technology ensuring that will deliver maximum precision. Plug the USB receiver and you are ready to go. Quite keys pressing allow the user to type for hours without any distraction at all. The good thing about Inland Pro is it’s wireless range. It actually has the best wireless range (33ft) giving the user more flexibility.

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Bottom Line:

In my opinion the number one factor which will affect your final decision is your budget. If you are on a really high budget you would probably go with the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution as it’s the best and most expensive model you can buy. If you’re still on a high budget and you don’t like the specific model you could go for the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 which is still an expensive and a great choice. If you are an average consumer looking for the best model for the money then Logitech MK270 Combo is definitely the one you should go with. And finishing we have our cheaper options such as the HP Wireless Elite Desktop v2 and the Inland Pro Wireless which their prices are really similar. It’s up to your personal design (or other) preferences to find which one suits you the most.



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