Which monitors are worth to buy? Under 180$!

Our computers are incredible machines which can carry out a lot different tasks. Each individual uses his own computer for some different purposes. The majority of¬†¬†people are just ordinary users, but there’re those people who ask for something more from their computers. Gamers need a high-end monitor so they can get the most out of their graphics cards. Photographers need an equally good or even better monitors so they could see all the true colors optimizing their pictures as good as they can. Video editors or graphic designers need good monitors as well as their task success depends at least 50% on their monitors.

What if those people don’t have a several of hundreds dollar to spend on buying the most decent screen? Well there’re some pretty good monitors at affordable and logical prices. Well you can’t expect to get a 4K-resolution model for the specific amount of money, but you can get some good FULL HD ones.


1) Dell E2414Hr 24


One of the top selling products. Brilliant quality, sharpness and great screen clarity. Featuring the energy-efficient technology makes the monitor very powerful while consuming as little power as possible.

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2) Acer G246HL


Acer G-series comes with a very slim design supported on an X-shaped stand that lets it fit in any spaces. Eco-friendly as it comes with the ‘smart use of energy’ feature.

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3) ASUS VS248H-P



Ideal for those who’re looking for a serious business monitor. Featuring the splendid video intelligence software. That technology basicly sets quick image presets for the preferred task.

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4) BenQ Gaming Monitor RL2455HM


The ultimate gaming choice for the budget. BenQ’s product team fine-tune the display performance and optimizes it especially for games. Stunning quality can display very detailed the most advanced graphics.

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