Top rated media streaming sticks

Every television-lover should have heard of media streaming sticks. Those sticks basically pop in the back of your TV (HDMI) and make your television / home theater capable of streaming content such as games, films, shows and a ton of other channels from the internet straight to your home.

Media streaming sticks are connected to the internet through your wireless network and some of them are even capable of connecting to your own smartphone or tablet. So with this feature not only you can watch on-line content, but you can even see what’s on your mobile. How many times have you been frustrated while trying to connect long and high quality HDMI cables?

With media streaming sticks you easily get rid of this problem as it makes the whole connecting thing easier and better than ever. Stable image, high quality and on top of that wireless. Hopefully they come at a really low and reasonable cost! Without losing more time let’s jump straight into the top rated of them.


#1. Roku 3500R


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2#. EZCast



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#3. Fire TV Stick



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Summing up:

In the end, all three media streaming sticks do the same job. Connect to the internet and display content wirelessly. Some of them have a larger database of music, films and games. It’s always up to the customer to make the final choice. All of them are great choices either way.

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