Thinnest Bezel Monitor Available

If you are reading this, the chances are that you probably know what does the term “thin bezel” stand for. Despite that, I will make a really fast introduction for those who don’t know the meaning. Thin bezel monitors are the monitors which have been built with extremely thin bezels to allow for eyefinity setup.

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Eyefinity now, is the technology of allowing multiple displays to be merged as one under a single computer. In this way you have a surround picture system created. The most advanced Eyefinity/Surround graphics cards can support up to six different monitors. So we have to ensure that we get that monitor which it’s bezel size is as thin as possible, also known as bezeless. Unfortunately though manufacturers do not provide bezel size on their specs as its one of the newer things that users look for.

We have already found many different monitors which feature a very thin bezel from 9mm(0.35 inches) to 20mm(0.84 inches). You can see those in our related article Thin Bezel Monitors – Best Displays with Slim Bezels. However we do understand that you might be looking for the thinnest one so we decided to create a dedicated post for that one.

dell, thin, bezel, eyefinity, surround

Our hero is called Dell U2312HM IPS and it’s bezel size is just 9mm thick. This is the thickest model you can find available on the market. Comes at a screen size of 23 inches which is relatively good, especially when you have three or more of these combined together. In addition it has an anti-glare technology of 180 degrees, meaning that you will never get any reflections on the screen making it ideal for surround picture setup.  Maximum resolution of each screen is FULL HD (1920 x 1080) translating to a total of 5760 x 1080 when used for eyefinity.  Enjoy crystal clear free of blur at 16.7 million colors per inch.

Moreover you can rotate or flip the screen however you like in order to set your surround system up as you like. The Dell U2312HM IPS also has a fast response rate of 8ms which is really good. The monitor offers USB ports so you can connect your peripheral right to your monitor. Unfortunately it doesn’t has a HDMI port, however it’s RGB input port should get the job done as well.

dell, u2312hm, thin, bezel, monitor, 9mm

If you’re trying to create the ultimate picture surround system then this is your best shot. It’s ultra-thich bezel size makes it almost impossible to identify the different screens. Moreover it’s eco-friendly feature it’s another huge advantage as it can work for long periods of time without burning a lot of power.

Find it: Dell U2312HM IPS

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