Snapchat adds slowmotion, rewind and fast-forward!

First of all for those who don’t know what snapchat really is:

Snapchat is a messaging platform founded in 2011 and it allows the sender to share a picture message or text with his friends and control how long their message will be viewed (1o seconds max). After that the message gets permanently deleted. It’s a very fun application as you can send all those funny pictures of yourself or others and being sure than nobody will store them (unless the receiver screenshots the message and you will be notified).

In the past 2-3 years teenagers started to get addicted to the new platform making it one of the most-used messaging platforms available. For those who have been using snapchat they already know that snapchat has some decent features. Now it becomes even better and makes us more addicted thanks to it’s new video filter features.


  •  Slow-motion: Reduces the speed of your video making it look nicer especially when you want the little details to get captured
  • Fast-forward: Makes your video play faster, great when you want to capture long clips ( more than 10 seconds)
  • Rewind: Ever wanted to define the laws of physics? This one plays your videos back in reverse and it might be the most fun to use

The update is available for all Android and iOS devices. The new features are taking “snapping” to a whole new level while opening up a ton of creative opportunities and endless fun.

Android: Get the new Snapchat update

iOS: Get the new Snapchat update

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