PS2 on PS4 Games List!

In December 2015, the first ever Playstation 2 game was re-created and released to work and be compatible with the latest Sony’s console Playstation 4. Many people loved the idea of being able to play their old all time favorite games again, on a contemporary console. So the┬áPlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida made sure that more PS2-on-PS4 games would get released on a regular basis.

Approximately 25 games have been released till then and gamers love them. The technology which makes the whole transformation process don’t come cheap and that’s why all the games come at the price of 10 – 15$. It might be a little expensive for those who already own the games for the PS2, but I guess it’s all worth it. Note that all the games are only released digitally, therefore there’s not a physical CD.

Moving on, this is the list of the released PS2-on-PS4 games alphabetically

Stay tuned as more games will be announced soon!

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