Portable Scanners – The best ones

A lot of business people travel a lot for work and often look for mid-journey offices to complete some essential parts of their work which of course involves document scanning. Imagine how easier their life would be if they could just carry their personal document scanner with them and finish all their tasks on the go. There are many good portable scanners out there while some of them are hybrid.

Being hybrid means that when the scanner is docked it can be used as a desktop document scanner and when undocked it can be used as a portable one. The most of portable scanners they are powered through a USB connection through a computer or an AC adaptor. However some scanners come with their own rechargeable battery.

A very big advantage of the most recent portable scanners is their capability of Wi-Fi connection allowing the user to easily connect it to his smartphone or tablet and browse through the documents he just scanned. Older models come with a SD Card slot while all the scans will be stored on a SD card.

More over some scanners offer the duplex-scanning feature. This feature makes it capable of scanning  documents from both sides(front and back) at the same time saving time and effort. Let’s go a head and take a look at the top rated portable scanners.


fujitsuscansnapFujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

Scanning formats: PDF, Searchable PDF, JPG, Word (Editable), Excel (Editable), Business cards

Mac and Windows friendly

USB Powered

Can connect to both laptop and smartphone

Comes with productivity pc software

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Scanning formats: Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money, PDF, Searchable PDF, CSV

Mac and Windows Friendly

USB Powered

Great for tax and receipt reports


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Canon P-215IIcanon

Scanning formats: PDF, Word, JPG, Business cards

Mac and Windows Friendly

USB Powered

Supports ID and embossed card scanning


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