Laser Vs. Inkjet Printers – How to choose

When looking for a printer to buy we always have to face the epic dilemma. Shall I go for the laser one or for the traditional inkjet printer? Well the short answer depends on the purpose you will be using the printer for. For instance, if you are an individual and you need a printer just for your own at home you shouldn’t need a laser one. However if you usually have a ton of documents to get printed, then you should go for the laser one.

From what I just said we can see that laser printers are more suitable for documents printing and especially when the amount of the documents is too large. Keep in mind though that laser printers are also capable of printing full-colored images as easily as inkjet printers do.

Inkjet printers are able to print images and documents at a much higher quality at a much slower speed at a higher cost than the laser ones. On the other side laser printers are able to print images and documents at a satisfying quality (not as high as the inkjets) at a much faster speed, at a much lower cost than the inkjet ones. So the main differences are already pretty obvious. More advantages and disadvantages of each one will be mentioned later. A very important factor when trying to choose between laser and inkjet printers is the final cost.

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Which one is cheaper to run and maintain?

Well there’s not a short answer for this one so you may keep on reading to find out. First of all we all know that printers run out of cartridges, laser printers use toner cartridges and inkjet printers use ink cartridges. An average toner cartridge will cost about 120$ while an inkjet cartridge will only cost 20$.

Hold on we haven’t finished yet. Inkjet cartridges may be a lot cheaper but they run out a lot faster as well. An inkjet cartridge will print an average of 300 pages. On the other side a toner cartridge will print out up to 2,000 pages average. That’s a huge difference.

Later on we’ve got to see another factor which will determine the final cost. How much it costs for each page to get printed. An inkjet printer will cost about 0.20$ to print a single page. A laser printer will cost about 0.08$ to print out the exact same content. So we can see that laser printers are much cheaper to run even though they are more expensive to buy.

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Inkjet Pros & Cons:

Let’s see the advantages first. To start with, inkjet printers take much less space as they are a lot smaller than the laser ones. Moreover the ink cartridges are so much cheaper to buy and easier to replace. Moreover inkjet printers are great for high-quality image printing as it can produce images with great results. High contrast levels, vivid colors and the most important no pixelation at all.

However inkjets have a lot of disadvantages as well. The most important one in my opinion is that they’re really slow. Seriously inkjet printers take ages to print stuff especially when printing images. If you have a really large document to print with a lot of pages, that will take a lot of time for granted. In addition ink cartridges are less efficient to use as the cost per page is much higher than the toner ones.

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Laser Pros & Cons:

Since laser printers use toner cartridges they can print documents at an impressive speed rate and that’s super suitable for large documents. Also the toner cartridges are super-efficient as they can print up to 2,000 pages without running out. Laser printers can produce ultra-sharp high quality text documents as well.

Downsides? Well they’re plenty of them. For instance, laser printers are much larger meaning that they take up a lot of space. If that’s not a problem then maybe you would mind all the noise the printer produces when printing documents. Moreover it’s cartridges can cost a lot when you need to replace them, or if you need to add color to your printing that will be an issue as well due to the colored toners high price.


Now that we have pointed out the benefits of each one is time to make your decision. Consider all the factors we have mentioned above and I am sure that you will make the right choice. In my opinion things are simple. Laser printers are for offices which have a lot of documents to print and inkjet printers are for individuals who carry out a variety of different tasks. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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