Is Apple releasing a new iPhone model in Spring 2016?

Next Apple’s big event is planned to take place on 21st f March and many rumors have already gone viral. Since Apple revealed it’s latest iPhone 6s model some months ago, people started to complain about it’s big size as many of them have been expecting a smaller model to be release.

iphone concept

Rumors are claiming that a smaller iPhone will be released during the even along with a new iPad model as well. The smaller iPhone is believed to be a 4-inch touchscreen model and the new iPad Pro is believed to be relatively small too, probably same size with the iPad Air.

Unfortunately we’ve seen many rumors before being proved false in the end, however we really hope that this one is accurate¬†as we all want to see the new models being released.


Will Apple surprise us with a spring present for those who have been waiting for a new, smaller iPhone for a long time? Stay tuned as more updates will follow.

*03/23/2016 UPDATE*

Our rumors have finally been proven correct! The new model is out, read everything about it here: Apple Releases new iPhone SE!

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