Iphone 6s – Is it worth the upgrade?

“The only thing that’s changed is everything”


The moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived! The brand new iPhone 6s is here! With it’s arrival we have many many questions reffering to it’s release. Is it good? Does it worth the money? Should I upgrade from iPhone 6 to 6s? In this article we will be analyzing all it’s specifications and summarize if it does worth the extra money and the upgrade or not!

Well as soon as you get your hands on the new phone,the very first thing  you  notice  is the quality  that it is made of.  Firstly it  feels so premium  when  holding it.  It’s iconic and  beautiful design makes it look like one of a kind phone.  Thanks to it’s just released great  3D- Touch Technology (which will be analyzed later) it gives you the ability touse it  like never  before!  Upgraded camera,  new features,  new  iOS, new chip all those make it stand out from the older iPhones and that’s only the beggining.


Unfortunately Innovation isn’t always obvious to the eye, but if you look closer you will see that the new  design is more than it looks! The new housing is made of  one of the strongest aluminium existing on the planet – the 7000 series – which is used in the aero-nautical and aerospace industry as well.

What about the front glass? One of the most durable and strongest glasses available was used to create iPhone 6s’s LCD screen. The new gorilla glass makes it unbeatable. iPhone 6 is available in four stunning colors which are ideal for every different of us.

Space Gray:

Rose Gold


Available Storage Options:

  • 16 GB

  • 64 GB

  • 128 GB

Apple has promised and delivered for once again. The new 3D-  Touch technology let’s you communicate with your device in a way that never could be done before. This will change the way apple users interact with their devices for ever. Your iphone is now capable of “feeling” the pressure (how hard) you touch the screen. This gives you the ability to do some essential thinks much faster in a more simple way. 3D-Touch could be very fun in the gaming industry. Multi-touch combined with 3D-Touch makes your device much smarter.

Updated Operating System

iOS 9 is designed to give the phone a refreshed  look. Developed by the most advanced  engineeres to work with the newst and highest technologies built into the new iPhone device. At the same  it’s super-functional and very easy to use as it requires no experience at all in order to use all it’s functions. Simple and reliable are the most descriptive words that we can use. It’s user-friendly enviroment makes it ideal for kids, teenagers, middle-aged people  and even  elderly people.  Siri becomes  smarter  than  ever making  you  and  your  smartphone  develop  a  great  relationship.

A9 Processor Chip

Featuring the most advanced and high efficiency processor ever built and used on a smart-phone. The 64-bit processor delivers performance that once was equal to the most old computers. If you are a big fan of gaming you
will love this chip as it raises the GPU performance up to 90%! Moreover it makes your device (CPU) faster by 70%. Combined together delivers extremely high detailed graphics and makes the new iPhone 6s capable of processing the most advanced data in a very short amount of time.

4K Cameracamera

We all know how good iPhone’s cameras are. Now they’ve became even better while featuring 4K Video recording (that’s 4x higher resolution than 1080p) and 12 MP still pictures. The new iSight camera captures sharp and detailed pictures. The front-facing camera is upgraded as well and now is capable of shooting at 5 MP. Introducing Live Photos now you are able to capture the moments before and after a picture is taken. Setting it in motion all with a press of a single button.

iCloud Drive

Own a couple of Apple products and wishing to have all your importand data icloudphonerun on all of them while  keeping  them secure  and  up-to-date?iCloud will handle  such  situations  in the most  simple  way. iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive keep all your photos, videos, and documents stored securely and updated everywhere. Featuring Family Sharing gives you the ability to share videos, music, pictures or data easily with your family. Ever though what will happen if your Apple device gets lost? iCloud
is here to help! Using Find My iPhone service, you will be able to locate your smartphone anywhere in the world with the press of a buttion. Real-tracking information is available as some security features as well. Keep all your data updated and safe on the go visiting iCloud website from any browser or Apple device.


The just-released iPhone 6s makes of an incredible device with endless possibilities. Capable of satisfying any consumer needs and deliver excitement while being used. The new features makes it defenitely worth the price and the upgrade over the older iPhone models. Easy to use, reliable, faster and smarter than ever.


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