Intel is releasing the next 8th Gen Chip in October 2017!

For once more Intel has surprised as by revealing it’s brand new processor that will be released in the first days of October 2017. We have just seen the brand new Intel Core i9 that has been released and we are already surprised by the 18-core processor which has unbelievably fast speeds. So what does Intel has up it’s sleeve now?

Well, Intel has just revealed it’s latest processor for this year and it’s called “Intel Core 8th Generation”. The new chips will have enough Cache memory starting from (8MB climbing all the way to 12MB) even though we have seen more previous model featuring more than that. It’s cores will be able to reach speeds up to 4.70Ghz with a Bus speed of 8 GT/s DMI3. Intel’s aim is to deliver outstanding performance in order to make their customers able to enjoy ULTRA HD content with ease (4K) and make sharing 360 video an ordinary thing thanks to their new Thunderbold 3 technology.

Another aspect that Intel wanted to become better at is the Security. The new chips have been added with a critical layer of protection to make password logins, browsing, and online payments safe and simple. You can log on with a look, your voice, or your fingerprint for rock-solid security that’s fast and hassle free as Intel has claimed.

Now let’s have a look at the new models technical specifications:

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Release Date:

The new processor will be launched on October 5th. Stay tuned!

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