Intel Core i9 – Gamers don’t need it

Intel just released it’s latest processor model and it’s absolutely stunning. Intel’s brand new i-series, i9 to be exact features 18 cores and 36 threads. This is the fastest and most powerful CPU on the planet. It’s advanced technology allows the processor to reach speeds up to 4.30GHz when boosted. The new i9 processor starts from 13.75MB Cache Memory and it goes all the way up to 24MB accordingly to which of the five models you are looking at.

We all agree this is a technological miracle, but the question is one. Do gamers need such an advanced processor for gaming?

Well the short answer is NO. They don’t. All of your gaming needs can be satisfied in a less expensive computer. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that Intel’s new i9 processor costs from $989 all the way up to $1979. That’s not a price you are willing to pay for, especially when you just need your computer for games.

Apart from gamers, there are millions of other people who think that they definitely need this super model of processor but in real-life they actually don’t. You don’t need a 18-core processor to compile code or do some sort of 3D or video rendering. And even if someone needs it, 8 cores should be more than enough for carrying out everyday or heavy tasks like those we mentioned before.

Talking about gaming, buying a 2000 bucks processor is just a waste of money. It’s not going to make you a better gamer, it’s not going to give you more FPS and the difference you will see it’s minimum.


Bottom Line:

You don’t need a processor worth of $2000 bucks in order to run the most complex games. It’s better to save up your money and spend them on a better GPU rather than spending it on a high-tech CPU that will never make the 100% out of it.

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