Get a back/confirm invisible button on your iPhone 6s!

For all those android users who have been saying “Iphones only have one button” have been proved wrong thanks to the new smart screen protector build for iPhone 6 and 6s. Touch one the lower left side of your screen protector (next to the home button) to reproduce the iOS back button and touch to the right lower side of your screen protector to reproduce iOS confirm button. This technology allows the user to simply touch their screen-protectors and automatically choose to go back or to confirm.

How does it work?71241CvqTfL__SL1500_
A build-in  special circuit, connects the device space of the lower left corner and lower right corner with the top left corner and top right corner on the screen, where are the position of most IOS APP for Back Button and Confirm Button


  • Made with nano-tempered glass makes your device’s screen almost unbreakable as it can take a huge amount of impact
  • Make your iPhone 6 easier to use with one hand
  • No need to install any software
  • Comes at a super cheap and affordable price



So this will not only protect your phone from unwanted scratches or accidental drops it will also add two more buttons to it making it more practical and different from all the others. This won’t cost for more than 10 bucks and it will make your phone much smarter.

Get it here!




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