Gaming Water Bottles – The new trend?

In the past few years we have literally seen everything in the gaming accessories industry. From gaming chairs all the way to gaming desks. And yet we haven’t seen enough. Now our eyes are about tosee something they’ve never seen before. Gaming water bottles. Many people might find this a joke, but only true gamers will ever understand the importance of having all the essential accessories right when needed.

Gaming water bottles may not be that important, but gamers often like to be fully equipped, plus it only costs about twenty bucks which is not a big deal. Everyone can afford them and it’s something that will make your whole setup look better. Even some of the most well-known gamers such as CaptainSparklez and PewDiePie use them.

A gaming bottle is supposed to be super practical and easy to use, since gamers need to stay concentrated on the game all the time. In addition gaming bottles should come at an attractive design having space for at least 20oz of water or other liquid.

3D Rose Pro Gamer3D Rose Pro Gamer:

This is a pretty nice water bottle coming in the color of white using black and neon greek text. It has a capacity of 20oz and it’s made of aluminium. 3D Rose Pro Gamer offers 2 caps, 1 easy-flow twist on drinking spout and 1 standard twist on cap. An included carabiner clip will let you to attatch the bottle securely.


Trendy Accessories Minecraft Tools:trendy accessories minecraft

Dedicated to all the Minecraft lovers. This water bottle has a variety of minecraft tools printed on it. Comes in white color made out of steel being dishwasher and microwave friendly. It can fit up to 20oz of liquid inside and it includes an attachable clip as well.


i love gaming water bottleI Love Gaming Water Bottle:

This should be your perfect everyday bottle that will last for years. As the other models do, this one has also a capacity of 20oz. Made out of aluminium is 100% recyclable and reusable. “I LOVE GAMING” is printed on the bottle which will never ever fade.


league of legends water bottleLeague Of Legends:

At least the 40% of gamers are huge fans of League Of Legends, so how can we let them down? This is ideal for all those LOL lovers. It’s made out of stainless stell and it can fit up to 14 ounces of water. That’s not a lot, but it should be enough for the most cases.


call of duty ghosts water bottleCall Of Duty Ghosts:

And then we have that bit of people who are really into shooting games. COD have taken over the past few years and it probably has the biggest amount of fans. Made of aluminium, it has a capacity of 13.5 oz. 100% recyclable material.


battlefield 4 water bottleBattlefield 4:

And last but not least the all time favorite, Battlefield. This one is made out of aluminium as well which is 100% recyclable. Unlike the other bigger bottles, Bottlefield 4’s capacity is only 13oz, but as said before it should be alright.


Bottom Line:

A gaming water bottle costs pretty much nothing and it’s something many people would buy. I even own one and I don’t even spend too much time on playing games. It really gets you in the gaming mood. Any choice is a great choice as long as you pick something that you really like. You should go for your favorite’s game one.

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