Gaming Desktops Vs. Gaming Laptops

When people think of the ultimate gaming computer system the first thing that comes into their mind is a desktop one. That’s not a big surprise as the best gaming computers used to be traditional desktops. The idea of a gaming laptop back then was just a big myth.

However that changed as we saw many manufactures producing gaming laptops in the past few years. At the beginning people criticized and didn’t react quite good with the idea as they thought that gaming laptops were just another prototype which would fail in no-time. Well after all this time they have been proven wrong. Many manufacturers managed to deliver some of the best gaming computer systems (laptops) out in the market. Of course each one has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

First of all we have to point out that a laptop will never be as powerful as a cost-equivalent desktop. However if you are on a really high budget you might be able to purchase a really good gaming laptop.

Why do desktop computers deliver higher performance?

It’s obvious that due to their bigger size they can fit more hardware inside allowing them to have more space to “breath” and have a better air circulation. This automatically translates to better performance and lower temperatures. Moreover desktops are fully customizable giving the ability to the user to modify or upgrade his current hardware anytime. In this way he can stay updated with the latest and better models. He can also combine different options of hardware, something that laptop users will never be able to do.

How are laptops better?

This is a long-term question which has been around for a long time. The simple and short answer depends on what you need your computer for. If you don’t travel a lot and you aren’t in the need of transporting your computer all the time then the answer is simple. Laptops aren’t better.

Now if you are one of those people who is constantly moving away and travelling a lot then a gaming laptop is your best shot. You shouldn’t go for a cheaper desktop version as it would need so much effort to carry around as it’s not portable at all.

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So do we consider the “portability” as our only factor of choosing?

Of course not but it plays a big role when trying to choose. There are a lot of factors that should be considered before our final choice is taken. Some of them are:

  • Ability to upgrade
  • Value
  • Performance
  • Multiple Display Setup
  • Warranty

Let’s clarify each term. In my opinion the most important factor you always should keep in mind is the ability to upgrade. We all know that technology gets better day by day with new models being released every little while. And nobody wants to spend a ton of money on a device which will be out-dated really soon. So it’s really important that the chosen device will support the upgrade of specific parts at anytime. For example back in the days 4gigs of RAM were more than enough for gaming. Now we see games that require at least 6gigs of RAM. We are already outdated and our current computer cannot run those games smoothly. But if our computer could get upgraded we would very easily add more RAM to it and that would it be.

Then second of all comes the money vs. value. Unfortunately you have to spend a lot of money to get a decent gaming laptop unlike the amount you have to spend to get a performance-equivalent gaming desktop computer. So that’s an important factor we should always consider. If you are on a low-budget you will probably prefer to buy a non-portable computer with a better performance than a portable one with lower performance abilities.

Afterwards if you don’t mind having your computer at a steady place you have to see the performance aspect as well. Especially if you are on a high budget you will probably want to get the best possible gaming computer with as high specifications as possible. And we all know that gaming desktops are notably better than the laptop ones.

Next we always should keep in mind that all desktop computers are capable of multiple displays. This allows the user to experience the ultimate gaming experience throughout different angles. Laptops don’t have this feature yet, however some third party companies have worked on it and already released a triple display attachable laptop screen.

And last but not least we have warranty. No one wants to spend so much money on a product and get no replacement in case of dysfunction. And this is exactly what happens with desktop computers. As you can customize it as much as you want nobody can guarantee you that you’ll get it replaced in case you mess up. Laptops on the other side can easily be replaced by their manufacturer with no problems at all since they’re covered by warranty.



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