Best Computer Cooling Fans For Gaming

People and especially gamers spend a lot of time on their computers, therefore they keep them running for some really long periods of time. Due to overworking all the different components get very warm as more heat is generated. And we all know that a computer’s worst enemy is the heat. High temperatures can cause some serious damage or even kill your computer components.

So we can already see that fans are absolutely essential for any computer. If you are using a high-end computer then you better make sure that you are ready to face all the heat that will be generated by all the different components. Ensuring that you keep your system running at low temperatures is like ensuring the extension of it’s life time.

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When looking for a cooling fan to buy we have to make sure that we get the best possible one. Cooling fans aren’t expensive so almost everyone can afford some of the best ones. Any key features we should be looking for? Of course. Our cooling fan must spin fast so we need to get one with high rounds per minute (RPM) rate. Then we should consider all the noise which the fan generates while working. Nobody wants to have a noisy computer around so it’s better that we get a very quite one. Later on, it’s good to buy a fan which doesn’t require much power to run. Anything that asks for less than 2,5watts will do. That’s all we need to consider.

So summarizing we have to look for:

  • RPM Rate
  • Noise Levels
  • Power Requirement

Now it’s time to see the best models available on the market.

#1.  Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing

And of course the first one wouldn’t be any else than the Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing. Cooler Master is a very well-known brand which is currently leading in the system cooling industry. Spinning at 1200 RPM promises to keep your computer’s temperature as low as possible. It’s extremely silent as the sound produces from it’s spinning blades it’s just 19.1 dB. And that’s not everything. Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing comes at different sizes (80-140mm) so you’ll definitely find the right size for you. In addition it only requires 1.8watts of power to run so that makes it power efficient as well.

Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing, fan, cooling, best, cooler, master, gaming

RPM Rate: 1200

Noise Level: 19.1 dB

Power Requirement: 1.8W


#2. Antec TrueQuiet

Later on we have another great competitor. Antec TrueQuiet spins at 1000 RPM which should be enough to keep your computer at low temperatures. The noise produced by it’s spinning blades is slightly louder than the Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing‘s (19.9 dB) however it requires less power to run (1.4W). In addition you get the choice of four different colors to choose from: White, Red, Green and Blue. So you can choose the most suitable color for your gaming housing.

Antec TrueQuiet, gaming, fan, best, cooling, customizable, red, blue, white, green

RPM Rate: 1000

Noise Level: 19.9 dB

Power Requirement: 1.4W


#3. Cooler Master CM Essentials

This might be the most silent cooling fan on the market. People cannot even hear it spinning as it operates at just 16 dB. Moreover it spins at 1000RPM which is pretty satisfying. This one comes in blue LED color so you might keep that in mind in case you don’t like the color. Requires 1.68W to run which is not that bad. Comes in two sizes of 120 and 140mm.

Cooler Master CM Essentials, cooler, master, cooling, cooling fan, fan, gaming, blue, cooling fan

RPM Rate: 1000

Noise Level: 16 dB

Power Requirement: 1.68W


#4. MassCool

Now this is a really powerful one however it’s a little bit small. Coming at the size of 80mm is capable of spinning it’s blades at the surprisingly rate of 2700 RPM. Yes that’s really fast and should keep your computer ultra-cooled. The downside though, is that it’s noise levels are a little bit high. Masschool will operate while generating 26.5 dB of noise. If you don’t care about the noise this is a great choice for you.

MassCool, 80mm, cooling, fan, 2700, rpm, gaming, cooling fan

RPM Rate: 2700

Noise Level: 26.5 dB

Power Requirement: 1.9W


Bottom Line:

All cooling fans are great and will keep your computer running at super low temperatures. But which one suits you the most? Well that depends on what you need your fan for. If you need your fan to be extremely powerful and you don’t care about the sound which it produces while spinning then you should definitely go for the MassCool one. On the other side if you want something super-silent and you should get the Cooler Master CM Essentials. If you don’t have any special requests according to the noise produced you could go for the Antec TrueQuiet which comes at a variety of colors as well, or the Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing which is the overall best choice in my opinion.

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