Best RAM for gaming (Old)

After G.Skill introduced it’s latest 128GB DDR4 model which will be released in some days we all started to feel “unsatisfied” from our current RAMs. Good news is you don’t need the most advanced RAM unless you are using your computer for scientific calclulations. The average gamer is required to have a good capacity of RAM but it obviously doesn’t have to be the best!

RAM doesn’t play a big role on the overall performance of your gaming as it’s more dependent on your CPU and GPU. However having a decent RAM will not only help your games to run smoothly ,but will make your computer capable of running more complex programs amd games. The more RAM you can afford the better your system will be. But in many cases it’s not the capacity that matters but the type and the clock speed.


Most RAM’s are running at about 1600MHz and referring to the types there are plenty of them. The most common one is the DDR3 as the DDR4 started to becoming really popular lately.

So what capacity, type and clock speed are enough? 4GB many times is capable of covering all your gaming needs. But as said before the more you can afford the better. 1666MHz would be enough if your GPU and CPU are good.

Most motherboards support only four modules of RAM sticks so we will just stick to that. With no more theory to be told let’s continue to our comparison list.


#1. G.Skill Ripjaws X SeriesG.Skill Ripjaws X Series

If you are looking for a quality RAM especially for gaming then this is the one to go with. G.Skill specializes in manufacturing RAM’s so there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best manufacturers. Coming at a very low and affordable price tag it’s more than enough for gaming. Outstanding performance at a fast clock speed.

Talking about it’s design it comes in red color which is very attractive. It will fit beautifully into your tower and give your computer a refreshing look.



Capacity: 8 GB (2 modules x 4 GB)

Type: 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM

Speed: 2133MHz

Voltage: 1.5 V


#2. Corsair VengeanceCorsair Vengeance

In terms of money versus capacity this is the best one you can get. Corsair has been taking the lead in RAM’s manufacturing industry lately by releasing powerful and cheap models. This one is optimized for maximum compatibility with the latest CPUs and motherboards, it’s reliable and last but not least, it offers outstanding performance.xorsairvengeance


Capacity: 16 GB (2 modules x 8 GB)

Type: 240-Pin DDR3

Speed: 1600MHz

Voltage: 1.5 V


#3. Kingston HyperX FURYKingston HyperX FURY

The specific model comes at a variety of capacities. In my opinion the best one for the price is the 8GB one. It’s affordable and does a great job. It has a very strange advantage. It actually overclocks automatically it self as soon as it’s gets installed. It can reach faster speeds without adjusting any BIOS settings at all.


Capacity: 16 GB (2 modules x 8 GB)

Type: 240-Pin DDR3

Speed: 1866MHz

Voltage: 1.35 V



They are all great models and ideal for gaming. Your final choice will get affected by the purpose you need the RAM for and your budget. That’s all that matters in the end since you’re building your own gaming computer. We see that G.Skill Ripjaws X Series might have the best performance overall here but Corsair Vengeance and Kingston HyperX FURY are equally good to compete.


Model Prices:

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series – Here!


Corsair Vengeance – Here!


Kingston HyperX FURY – Here!


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