Best Keyboard and Mouse Combos – Wireless and Wired 2017

If you use a computer regularly, you’ll know that finding the right keyboard and mouse combination can make all the difference to your comfort and ease of use. Many manufacturers develop keyboard and mouse combos that make it much more simple for end users to have their peripherals work well together. Buying a keyboard and mouse combo is usually cheaper than getting both items separately. The exact keyboard/mouse combo that’s right for you will depend on your particular needs and personal taste.

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How to choose a Keyboard-Mouse Combo

If you primarily use your computer for work-related activities such as word-processing or creating spreadsheets, increased mouse sensitivity probably isn’t worth paying extra for. If you need to do a lot of precision work, spending a little more for a high-sensitivity mouse makes sense. An optical or laser mouse is far superior to an easily-clogged mechanical mouse.
Poor typing posture slows you down, creates discomfort and can ultimately result in repetitive strain injuries. Look for a combo that includes an ergonomically-designed keyboard with an adjustable palm support.

Similarly, different mouse designs can change the position of your hand. The grip you use to hold your mouse can affect both ease of use and comfort levels. A mouse with a bigger bump at the rear lets you rest your whole hand on the mouse, making it more comfortable while supporting your palm. A longer mouse encourages a claw grip, with the fingers angled over the buttons. This is more precise, but less supportive. Still more precise is a mouse with a fingertip grip, where your palm barely touches the mouse. These small, flat units give you more agility, but are not recommended, if you have problems with RSI.

Wired or Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo?

Wireless mouse/keyboard combos have the advantage of decluttering your desk. They are easier to position, letting you arrange your workspace in the way that works best for you. They do tend to be more expensive than wired combos, and you’ll have to change the batteries now and again. Gamers may wish to go with a wired combo, since signals travel a fraction of a second faster, and there are no batteries to run out in the middle of a mission.

What Wireless keyboard and Mouse combo ?

Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo:


Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse ComboSleek, well-designed and reliable, this wireless keyboard and optical mouse combo is perfect if you’re looking to reduce cable clutter in your workspace. The long-life battery technology means that you’ll only need to replace the keyboard’s batteries about once every three years, with the mouse’s batteries lasting up to a year. A single receiver handles transmissions from the keyboard, mouse and one other compatible peripheral of your choice, meaning that you won’t need to tie up your USB ports with separate receivers. The large-sized keyboard has an ample palm rest for comfortable typing; the mouse’s contoured shape and slightly lipped sides make it easy to use without strain. One-touch media keys let you control sound and vision without taking your hands off the keyboard.
Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Combo:

Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000:microsoft, ergonomical, keyboard, natural, 7000, wireless

This futuristic combo carries a higher price tag than most, which it justifies with its unique ergonomic design. The keyboard is split into two regions, which are angled to allow your hands to rest at a more natural position. The generous palm rest and adjustable stand ensure that you’ll be able to arrange the keyboard to suit your particular needs. The mouse has a steeper arch than most, offering extra support for your hand and wrist. The powerful wireless connectivity is very stable, with little interference.


Budget Keyboard-Mouse Combo:

Inland Pro Wireless 2.4GHz Optical:inland, pro, wireless, keyboard, best, mouse

For those wanting to go wireless on a budget, this trim little combo is the perfect solution. The pared-down keyboard offers you the essentials in a slimline package, while the optical mouse is styled for easy use. There’s no palm support for the keyboard, which may deter some; in all, though, this is a smart, comfortable combo.


What Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo ?

Logitech Media Combo Keyboard and Mouse:


Another solid offering from Logitech, this combo features an optical mouse and a keyboard that’s equipped with media keys for fingertip control of your sound and vision applications. While there’s no palm rest, the keyboard is expansive and well-designed with a standard layout. The high resolution optical mouse is reliable and contoured for comfortable use.


Microsoft Wired Desktop 400 for Business:Microsoft Wired Desktop 400 for Business

A solid basic model with a smart (if rather uninspired) design, this combo’s keyboard lacks a real palm support, but does have a small “lip” that you can rest your palms on while you type. The low-profile keys make for quiet, comfortable typing. One feature that will appeal to Windows users is the Start button, which takes you right to the main Start menu without having to lift your hands from the keyboard. The mouse design is also quite standard and will suit most users, while the high-definition optical technology makes it smooth and responsive.

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