Best Graphics Card Under $100 (Old)

This one is dedicated to all the people who want to be able to run at a playable and smooth frame rate the most of the games, but they either don’t want to invest a lot of money on their graphics card or they simply cannot afford an expensive one.

Most people will claim that getting a graphics card for less than $100 will get you nowhere, but they are mistaken. You find many graphics cards at a low price which can deliver satisfying performance. Don’t expect it to be decent for all the games though, but it should be just fine with the most games. We will present you the best models which cost under a hundred bucks.

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First of all we have to clarify what we need to look for on a graphics card. When looking at the graphics card’s specs you will see the following terms:

  • GPU Clock Speed (MHz)
  • Memory Clock Speed (MHz)
  • Memory bandwidth (GB/s)
  • Video Memory Size (MB)
  • Power Requirement (W)
  • Stream Processing
  • Maximum Resolution

To start with, GPU Clock Speed is how fast the GPU’s cores can run. Each graphics card has some cores, the higher the the clock speed the higher performance. The Memory Clock Speed now is obviously the speed that the memory works at. Memory bandwidth is the speed of the video RAM. Higher speeds result in faster render times with higher quality image. Video memory is a term to describe a buffer of writable memory, usually some form of RAM. It’s responsible of holding the picture and the information displayed on screen, so the greater than memory is the better for us. According to the power requirement it’s pretty obvious. It’s how much wattage does the card need to operate. As for the maximum resolution, it’s the highest resolution the video card can output.

Enough with the theory, the basic have been told nobody wants to waste time on studying a ton of advanced terms so we made it as simple as possible. Now it’s the right time to jump into our list and see which models are really worth of being there.

#1. XFX AMD R7 360

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This is probably the best model for the task. Comes in a beautiful and attractive design featuring dual fans for optimized air flow ensuring that the temperature will always be kept low while delivering minimal noise levels. AMD R7 360 has the highest bandwidth rate of all the compared models. This means that it can draw higher quality images at a much faster time. It’s video memory capacity of 2048 MB combined with it’s super fast core and memory speed gets it to the first place on the list. XFX AMD R7 360 can output picture of 4096 x 2160 pixels (4K) which is pretty impressing for the price.


#2. GeForce GT 740

nvidia, geforce, gt, 740, graphics, card, evga

Who remembers the days where 4gigs of video memory were insane? Well now you can actually get it for less than a hundred bucks! Incredible isn’t it? This is probably the best choice in terms of many vs. value as it even supports multi monitor display (3 screens) at a maximum resolution of 4K (4096 x 2160). In addition GeForce GT 740 is capable of delivering 3D picture. It’s core speed is relatively good running at 993MHz  with a memory clock speed of 5.0 Gbps. It’s memory bandwidth rate is 80 GB/sec which is not bad. This model requires at least 80W of power to run so you’ll have to keep that in mind as well.

#3. Sapphire Radeon R7 240

sapphire radeon r7 240

Another great choice for the money. This card comes at a really low and affordable price featuring 2gigs of VRAM with the surprisingly rate of 72 GB/sec bandwidth speed. Sapphire Radeon R7 240 is the second fastest graphics card under a hundred bucks. Using 320 stream cores running at a speed of 780MHz is capable of playing almost any game at a satisfying frame rate. In addition it can render out images of 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution which is really good.


#4. XFX AMD R7 250

xfx, amd, r7, 250, graphics, card, below, 100

A relatively good graphics card for the average person. I would definitely recommend this model if you are on a really low budget. This beast is capable of delivering up to 4096 x 2160 pixels at an impressive frame rate for the money. Thanks to it’s 384 stream cores running at 1050MHz it’s fast enough for the most people. It’s bandwidth speed is about 32 GB/sec which when compared to the others isn’t that fast, but it’s still alright. Good thing about this card is that it requires only 45W of power so if you’re looking for something which will save some energy while delivering good performance, then this is the one for you.


All of them seem to be great choices. We have created a table comparing their specs in order to make the whole decision taking process easier for you.

[table id=36 /]

Find them:

XFX AMD R7 360 – Here

GeForce GT 740 – Here

Sapphire Radeon R7 240 – Here

XFX AMD R7 250 – Here

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