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Many times we see people claiming that their sound system improves their gaming performance. How is that true? Well there’s a big point behind the whole story. When your headset is so good which delivers 7.1 channel sound, it gives the gamer the ability to identify where different sounds come from which can be extremely useful in shooting games as it allows the user to locate his enemies easier. Gaming headsets are designed and engineered to “sit” on people’s heads for as long as needed without bothering them at all. In addition they are supposed to work with all different gaming platforms such as playstations, xbox’s and of course computers.

So what do we look for when buying a new headset? There are some essential features that we should be looking for. Compatibility comes first. Nobody wants to buy a headset which will turn out that it’s not supported by his current gaming platform. Then we need to choose something which will be as comfortable as possible. Gamers spend a lot of hours each day playing video games so we have to ensure that his headset won’t bother.

So these are the two most essential features. Then the buyer should look for a headset which is capable of delivering 7.1 or 5.1 channel sound (surround) with a strong bass to make the whole experience even better. After these are achieved, the last but not least feature is the microphone. We all have played video games before (online or offline) and we know that especially when playing online, a microphone is definitely needed since we need to chat with the other members of the team. Now that we have mentioned the most important features let’s see which headset models are the best for the money in 2016.


#1. ASTRO A40

This is your number one option especially if you are on a high budget. Astro A40 might be a little expensive but if you are able to afford it then it’s going to be great for you. Featuring premium materials and construction it’s engineered to be extremely adjustable in order to deliver maximum comfort while being ultra-lightweight. Coming with Astro’s amplifier system let’s you choose from 3 different EQ profiles especially made for gaming.

Now it seems like a good time to clarify that this model comes in three different versions. The one which will connect to XBOX 1’s the other one will connect to Playstations and then the last one will work with your PC. The drawback here is that you cannot use the same headset if you are multiple-platfrom gamer. The huge advantage here for platform gamers is that the controller can be mounted directly to the controller allowing the user to move away from his console with no problems at all.

Another great feature is that you can actually change the speaker tags. It’s magnetic speaker tag allows the user to customize the tags or even design his own on Astro’s website making his headset unique. This is a great feature for online clans/teams.astro, a40, gaming, headset


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PC: Here

Playstation 4: Here

Xbox One: Here


#2. HyperX Cloud II

In my opinion this is the best option for the money. It’s USB audio control box amplifies audio for an optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience. It comes in a beautiful and attractive design ready to deliver high comfort levels.

A huge advantage is that the HyperX Cloud II was engineered to work with all PC’s, mobile devices as well as most gaming platforms. Moreover it outputs virtual 7.1 channel surround sound which unfortunately isn’t as effective as expected. (Probably because it’s virtual and not true 7.1). If you are a PS4 or Xbox One user I wouldn’t recommend buying this model unless you don’t mind getting stereo sound instead of surround.

In addition, once you wear this headset and start playing nothing can neither interrupt nor distract you from playing. It’s sound isolation system combined with it’s noice-cancelling microphone technology go a long way. It blocks out all background noises giving the user the ability to fully concentrate on his task.

hyperx, cloud, ii, gaming, headset

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PC: Here


XBOX 360/ONE: Here

#3. Razer Tiamat

Here we have it, the worl’s first true 7.1 gaming headset. It’s not a surprise that Razer took the chance and created the ultimate gaming headset as it’s definitely leading in gaming accessories industry. Razer Tiamat even features a 40mm subwoofer which delivers outstanding bass performance. It’s 7 surround speakers (x2 front, x2 surround, x2 back, x1 center) provide crystal clear sound making the user feel like his into the game allowing him to locate his enemies very easily.

Razer constructed the headset with comfort as their number one priority. That explains why it’s probably the best headset in terms of comfort available. It’s large earcups made of synthetic leather are 100% sweat-free even after the longest gaming sessions. An extremely useful feature is that the user can actually tuck away the microphone placing it inside of the left earcup in case he doesn’t want to talk. This makes the whole thing even more practical.

In addition the inline control module is a life saver as it makes the audio controlling easier than ever. You can easily adjust the level of each audio channel, position and bass depth. No more overpowered speakers and woofers. Set it as you desire and you are ready to go.

razer, tiamat, gaming, headset

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PC: Here


XBOX ONE/360: Here

#4. TRITTON 720+

The model presented above (Razer Tiamat) is an incredible beast in terms of performance. However many of  you have noticed that you can only get 7.1 Channel (Surround) sound of it only if you use it on a PC. Many of you are platform gamers and I completely understand your desire to get a headset which is capable of delivering 7.1 Channel sound out of your gaming platforms. That’s why Tritton 720 plus is here.

A revolutionary model ready to change the gaming rules forever. The first ever model to deliver true 7.1 channel sound out of gaming platforms. Taking it to the next level Tritton 720+ uses a different method of transmitting sound. It uses HDMI to get true 8 channel audio out of the platform and then transmits it wirelessly straight to the headset. In this way you don’t get the virtual 7.1 but the true one instead.

Powered by Dolby Digital promises to deliver outstanding sound performance with really deep low’s and crystal clear highs. In addition Tritton 720+ has a new feature we have never seen before. User is now able to listen to his own voice through Selectable Voice Monitoring (SVM) system with the press of a button.

tritton, 720, gaming, headset, surround, playstation, xbox, 7.1

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XBOX ONE/360: Here



Bottom Line:

We have seen and analyzed many different choices. Which one is the best for you? Well the first thing you should consider is on which gaming platform you are going to be using the headset with. All headsets built to get 7.1 out of PC’s will still work with any platform but will only deliver stereo sound. If you are a platform user I would recommend getting the TRITTON 720+ or ASTRO A40 as they both deliver true 7.1 channel surround sound out of your platforms. If you are a PC user you have more choices available. If you are on a high budget ASTRO A40 is still your best shot. Razer Tiamat can easily get compared to the ASTRO A40 and it comes at a much lower and affordable price. And to end up with, if you are a bass lover then HyperX Cloud II is the one for you.



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