Best Gaming Full Tower Computer Case

Setting up a top quality, high-performing desktop PC for your home or work environment should not be an extremely technical task. With the right full ATX case to keep your whole system cool and running efficiently , your productivity is not only guaranteed to increase, but your gaming and multimedia experience will definitely become more enjoyable.

In this article we will look at some of the best full tower case with top of the range airflow and options for water-cooling that are available today, and which will guarantee you an enjoyable and hassle-free computing experience.

Full Tower Case for Water-cooling

Thermaltake thermaltake full tower case

This case was manufacturer for people wanting to move to a water-cooled system. The extra bays for handling a reservoir, easy tubing installment and extra fan placements  for ventilation gives the system a “sub-zero” effect. This full tower case is for the over-clock fanatics at a rather steep price, but will guarantee you top quality.




Lan Party Gaming Full Atx Chassis

Cooler Master
cooler master trooper

The Cooler Master Storm is a gamers dream. This innovative full atx case offers something more than the industry standards. With a built in fan controller on top of the case, a carry-handle to take it anywhere, mesh grills, led lighting and holes to hide your cables.





Budget Gaming Full Case Atx Tower

nzxt full tower

One of the newer companies in the computer industry, Nzxt offers some extreme design in full towers at an affordable price. This case is part of the Crafted Series which is made of steel. It has an attractive trim around the mesh grills and on the outline of the case. Its side windows offers great aesthetics with the led lighting. Four fans are included in the package, flowing the air evenly to all your pc components and the easy accessible ports on top of the case will give you no hassle.


Full Tower Atx with Cable Management

corsair full tower caseCorsair

The Corsair Obsidian 900D is one of the only cases that has separate chambers for heat release. A steady “plain” design characterizes it , but a case that offers a lot of functionality in terms of heat flow  and the water-cooling  customization. If your a forum lurker you will see a lot of good recommendations from members.


Illuminated Full Atx Case

antec full towerAntec

An Antec versatile gaming case that is packed full of cutting edge and convenient features which will guarantee you a seamless gaming experience. It has a huge interior for all your storage devices and seperate fans to cool them. The panels have washable filters for any dust that tries to enter the case. Cable management and upgrading to watercooling is also available .



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