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Computer chairs are specially designed to help eliminate fatigue and discomfort while maximizing efficiency for those people who spend long periods of time working at a computer. In order for a computer chair to be truly ergonomic it must fit a specific persons overall size and body build, the particular workstation it will be used at, and the tasks that will be performed. A good ergonomic computer chair needs to be stable, have the proper seat depth, and have an adjustable seat and backrest. This will enable the person who is using it to make adjustments to help prevent them from becoming fatigued, while maintaining a comfortable and healthy seated position. Here is a look at some of the Ergonomic computer chairs that are available today.


Computer Kneeling Chair:

WL-3439-GGThe WL-3439-GG Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is a smart looking black chair with a backrest and easy to reach handles that is designed for those who suffer from lower back pain. The knee rests allow you to adjust the chair at a forward angle, removing some of the pressure off your buttocks and allowing your diaphragm to move better. This increasing breathing and blood circulation while relieving pressure from your lower back, helping to keep your spine in alignment.


The WL-3439-GG is a sturdy chair that comes with an adjustable seat to suit different height people. The seat also tilts forward allowing you to rest your knees, and the padded knee cushion makes it possible for you to sit forward comfortably while taking stress off the lower spine, making it possible to work for longer periods on your computer without back pain. The handles of this chair are perhaps its most convenient feature, as they provide much needed support for anyone who has a back injury to get in and out of the chair. This chair is most suited to work stations manned by a single individual rather than multiple users.

Computer Task Chair:EQA Home Ergonomic Task

The EQA Home Ergonomic Task Chair has a thick padded seat that actually contours to your body’s shape, making for a more comfortable seated position that shapes itself to fit almost anybody. This chair adjusts to individual heights and you can even adjust the arm rest widths for a more comfortable fit. The chair includes a locking tilt feature, and a mesh and nylon backrest keep your back cool when spending hours working at the computer. The chair also has 5 casters for easy mobility.


This EQA Task Chair is a high quality and well-made chair that is designed to bring comfort to almost any user. The thick padded seat offers much needed cushion for those who must spend long hours a day at a workstation. The CoolMesh back rest allows for proper back support while allowing for cool air flow, which serves to increase comfort in an office type setting. Since the seat, back, and arm rests all adjust to fit various heights and sizes of people, this is a great chair for those workstations that see a variety of workers. This chair will work well for both office and home office settings.

Wooden Pc Chair:

Mobile Wooden Posture ChairThe Mobile Wooden Posture Chair is an excellent choice for an office or home computer chair. The wooden frame is highly attractive, while the adjustable cushioned seat and knee rests are designed for both appearance and comfort. This chair comes with dual swivel casters, is height adjustable, and even reclines into a position where you can lay down. The chair knee cushions allow you to tilt the chair forward to take pressure off your lower back. This is accomplished by using your shins to keep your balance, while aligning your entire spine for more comfortable and healthy working conditions.


For those who have never owned a kneeling chair before, the Mobile Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will take a little time to adjust to. However, considering that this one is well designed and sturdily made, getting used to it should take little time. The real benefit of this model is that it adjusts to different heights, and can tilt, allowing those people with lower back problems to take some of the strain off their lower back.  This is of great benefit to those who spend long hours sitting at a work station, as it greatly relieves the pain such conditions would otherwise cause. What makes this chair especially comfortable is the fact that it also tilts back, allowing you to lay down for short breaks, or even a power nap. This is a particularly good chair for those who have a home office.


Office Computer Chair:

Office Star WorkSmart Professional ChairThe Office Star WorkSmart Professional Chair is a great looking chair that offers users a comfortable padded seat and built in back support. It provides an elegant one touch seat height adjustment, back height adjustment, and the padded arms adjust to both height and width for added comfort. The high back on this chair is designed to help maintain correct posture during long work hours, ensuring maximum comfort. This chair comes in both black and burgundy.


This chair is extremely easy to assemble, and has almost limitless adjustment possibilities, making it possible for people of varying sizes to personalize the level comfort to their own needs. The padding is thick and comfortable, while the seat adjusts both in height and tilt.  This means that regardless of your height, individual seat needs can be adjusted to accommodate hours of comfortable sitting. The back rest adjusts both forwards, backwards, and vertically, which means back support is never an issue no matter how you use the chair. Best of all, especially for those who are particular about the settings on their seat, each adjustment can be locked in place. This chair is perfect for an office setting, or for individuals who want to work from home in complete comfort. In fact, for those with children, the ability to lock individual comfort settings almost makes this seat a must have item.


Mesh Computer Chair:

Flash Furniture High Back ChairThe Flash Furniture High Back Chair is clearly a chair that is designed for both looks and comfort. While the blend of black and gray coloring does make it one of the most attractive and chic looking chairs on the market, it has a lot more going for it than simple looks. The back is fully height adjustable, allowing it to comfortably fit users of any height. It features a triple paddle control for easy and instant adjustment of even the most minor settings, supporting either minor or major adjustment depending on how far the paddle is pressed. The chair seat is cushioned with thick padding covered with state of the art mesh fabric that assists in diffusing heat and preventing moisture build up on the seat while working for extended periods of time./p> Designed to allow multiple users the ability to work comfortably in the same workstation, this chair offers a wide range of features suited to letting users quickly adjust their comfort setting and get back on task.  The plush seat and back cushioning provide additional comfort, allowing users to sit for long periods of time without becoming fatigued. The chair itself tilts and reclines to accommodate different body types, and the arms can even be completely moved out of the way to accommodate the needs of larger users. While anyone would love this chair for their home office, it is exceptionally well suited to those offices where there are multiple users occupying the same space over different periods of time.


Ergonomic Executive Office Desk Chair:

Berkshire Executive Mesh ChairThis Berkshire Executive Mesh Chair is of modern design, with a high back and gas operated lever for quick height adjustment. The mesh fabric used in the chair is breathable, assuring comfort even after hours of sitting. The high back of this chair offers superior lumbar support, and includes a head rest. Additionally the tension of the seat tilt control level can be adjusted for as a firm or flexible a setting as comfort dictates. The chair is easy to move due to its five casters, and the 360 degree swivel makes it good for those horse shoe work stations.


The Berkshire offers great support for those who have back problems. Adjustable height makes the chair ideal for office settings where multiple users will be using a single workstation, particularly across shifts. The 360 degrees of swivel additionally make this office chair particularly well suited to horseshoe style workstations. Due its modern design this chair is well suited to more fashionable offices, where it will nicely compliment the décor, while providing comfort and lessening worker fatigue.


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