Best 23-inch Gaming Monitor

When it comes down to buying a new monitor it is important to make sure that we will buy the most suitable one for our needs. And since you are going to spend so many hours starring at that monitor it is required to purchase a model that is capable of satisfying all your needs.

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In terms of gaming now, the ideal monitor would have a high refresh rate (measured in Hertz) which results in producing eye-friendly image allowing your eyes to be more relaxed especially when looking at the screen for a long period of hours. Moreover a good monitor should have a fast response time rate (measured in milliseconds) in order to achieve blur-free image. We are not going to mention the type of the monitor panel at this time as both TN and IPS monitors will do. If you are thinking of building an eyefinity surround system then move to this article instead: Thin Bezel Monitors – Best Displays with Slim Bezels. So high refresh rates and fast response times. Got it, let’s see some of the best 23-inch monitors now.

Budget Gaming Monitor:

Asus Vs239H-P IPS

Budget Ips Monitor for Gaming 0 With a sticker price of just under $150, this Full HD LED IPS 23 inch monitor is hands-down the best budget ips based solution.

Offering you an incredible blend of super high performance – as well as resolution of full 1080p support, a very friendly price point , this is probably the best starter IPS monitor for casual and hard-core gamers alike.


Frameless Gaming Monitor:

ViewSonic VX2363smhl-wViewSonic VX2363smhl-w

If you are looking for an edge-to-edge glass faceplate with an ultra-slim bezel beneath the glass then this is the one for you. Featuring FULL HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, this monitor will deliver the most amazing clarity and detail. Equipped with two sets of HDMI inputs the VX23635mhl-W allows you to connect a variety of HD devices including: gaming consoles, blu-ray players, laptops and many more. And as if all these weren’t enough the monitor features a set of dual integrated stereo speakers (2-watt) for enhanced multimedia performance with crystal clear stereo sound. This one is great for all purposes. Note that it’s refresh rate is 60Hz and it’s response time is 5 ms.


3D Gaming Monitor:

Asus VG236-HAsus VG236H

And of course, how can I not mention the 3D ones? Those monitors are ideal for all the gamers. Asus has taken the lead in the monitors industry and here we have yet another incredible model. Featuring NVIDIA 3D Vision, it re-inverts your movies, videos and games for the third dimension. Coming equipped with a pair of 3D wireless vision glasses, it will take the gaming to a whole new level offering unique experiences. The screen’s refresh rate is 120Hz while boasting 1080p FULL HD playback via dual-link DVI and HDMI ports. Asus VG236-H will deliver super smooth and blur-free image thanks to it’s super-fast 2ms response time.


Touchscreen Gaming Monitor:

Dell 2314TDell 2314T

People have different opinions about the relationship between touchscreens and games. If you are looking for a super-practical screen which will be able to deliver a decent blur-free and high quality image for gaming, while delivering all the features a touchscreen offers then this is definitely the one for you. Featuring a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 60Hz which is not bad. It’s response time is 8ms which is close to the slowest “acceptable” response time for gaming.

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