8K Broadcasting Of Olympic Games 2016

A few months ago, the first ever 8K television was released. It caught many people’s attention and the purchase rate was relatively good. The amazing TV comes at the high price tag of 140,000 USD. However people who bought the model never had the opportunity to enjoy it’s outstanding image quality as 8K movies or films are not available yet.

Many of you may think that the whole purchase was pointless and a big waste of money. Hold on though, the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) is here to change the game.

People in Japan will finally get the chance to enjoy something in 7,680 x 4,320 pixels or 8K. This will take place during the Olympic Games this August. No company has ever managed to broadcast content in the resolution of 8K before.

8k olympic games


The Olympic Broadcasting Services will be broadcasting at 7,680 x 4,320 pixels only some selected and specific events. The company has planned to broadcast only 130 hours in 8K out of the approximately total 7,000 hours. The chosen events are the swimming, judo, basketball and opening/closing ceremonies. Japan’s favorites.

The main question here is how many people will actually be able to enjoy the 2016 Olympic Games in 8K. Only a very few people worldwide have invested such a large amount of money on purchasing a 8K TV and the majority of them is located in Japan. That’s why the OBS has chosen to broadcast the 8K content only in Japan.

Stay tuned as we will be keeping the 8K coverage list updated in case the OBS decides to broadcast the 8K content to some more countries.

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